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Resourcing Manager

8/9/2012 2:44:14 PM


  • Help to work out human resource strategy for the company.
  • Draft up and develop the rules and regulations for HR department.
  • To carry out incentive policies for employees and develop the performance evaluation system.
  • To be responsible on the management on salary system and provide relevant support for salary assessment.
  • Make and carry out plan for recruitment campaign.
  • Set up and develop training system and organize training programs for employees.
  • Provide solutions for staff complaints and handle problems on labour disputes.
  • Review demonstrations for responsibilities on every department and position; Assistance on division setting up.
  • Daily management on HR department, encouragement and routine check on the performances for HR staff.
  • Plan programs and activities for staff; Promote the culture of WSOLAR


  • Bachelor degree or above in HR or related major
  • Five years working experiences and three years experiences in HR management.
  • Master of recruitment campaign, performance evaluation and training; Familiar with the laws and policies on labour resources
  • Active, communicative, able to perform different tasks; Easy to get along with and willing to devoted to the job and responsibility
  • Good at office software and internet

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